Tarotblog 11 - April.18.2019 - The Hermit

Hi everyone! I’m a little behind on the blog, but working to get it back on schedule - life is busy. I’m switching jobs, the store and online store are now open, and I’m dangerously close to launching The 8th House Tarot on Kickstarter!

This week, we’ll be discussing the Hermit. I have a special love for this card. I have a Virgo ascendant, and The Hermit is Virgo’s card. As such, I am prone to periods of deep withdrawal in order to think and work on new projects, which is counter-intuitive for an Aries sun. However, some of my best inspiration has come from deeply “Hermit” moments.

The ninth card in the deck, The Hermit, depicts an old man alone on a journey up a mountain at night - guided only by the light of a lantern with the 6 pointed Seal of Solomon depicted inside the lantern (in the SRW deck) - a symbol of wisdom. From a numerological standpoint, 9’s are all about creativity, inspiration, spiritual enlightenment, and spiritual awakening.

The Hermit represents our invitation into quiet introspection. The Hermit is tied to the deep ancestral wisdom that lives within us. We tap into that through our solitude. This card has a pace that feels slow and steady - very earthy. The Hermit can only see what’s just in front of him - lit by the lantern. We are only in The Hermit temporarily - there’s a sense in the card that the Hermit has reached the top of the mountain, and must return to civilization to share and act on the newly found inner wisdom and inspiration from his journey in solitude.

This card is similar to the High Priestess in that they are both deeply tied to our instincts and our inner knowing. In fact, the two share a vertical relationship when studied via triads in the majors. However, the major difference between the two (for me) is that the High Priestess is more about trusting our “gut” instincts and the knowledge we already have. The Hermit is about actively seeking out deep inner ancestral wisdom that we don’t yet have through slow, quiet solitude and inner listening. There’s definitely a feeling of a “quest” for something with The Hermit, that doesn’t come through for me with the High Priestess.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 9.06.21 AM.png

The Hermit Upright:

When we receive The Hermit upright, we’re being invited into a period of solitude and deep inner listening. This card will often show itself during chaotic periods of uncertainty, when we’re being bombarded with a lot of external influence. The Hermit comes as a reminder that the ancestral wisdom that lives in each of us only requires some quiet dedication to make itself known. It’s an invitation to slow down, tap in, listen, and center ourselves. I often find that many people interpret this card as a passive energy, but it comes through differently for me. When I see The Hermit upright in a reading, it’s an invitation for action - slow action, but action in the sense that it requires Virgo’s earthly dedication, discipline, and devotion to the process of honoring a slower pace and come back to the work associated with the inner quest over and over again until you feel the shift that you’re ready to move back into the world with your learnings.

The Hermit Reversed:

When we receive The Hermit reversed, we’re looking at a blocked or out of balance energy with regards to the Hermit’s invitation. This can manifest in a number of ways. Maybe we’re hanging out in Hermit energy when we shouldn’t be. Maybe we’ve been in a Hermit space for too long, and we’re being called back to society. Maybe we’re avoiding the outer world for one reason or another. It can also be that we’re actively resisting The Hermit’s call for solitude and quiet listening and pushing ourselves to be out in the world because we feel for one reason or another that we can’t take a break.