Tarotblog 9 - February.10.2019 - The Chariot

This month we’re talking about The Chariot! In terms of tarot numerology, 2019 is actually a Chariot year for me. So, it feels like a good time for a refresher on this card.

The Chariot is ruled by Cancer. This card is the end of the first line of the major arcana. We haven’t really talked about it much at this point, but the major arcana are often thought of in 3 “lines” of 7 with the Fool at the top. Cards 1-7 (Line 1 - Magician thru Chariot) are lessons around our egos and who we think we are, cards 8-14 (Line 2 - Strength thru Temperance) are a set of lessons around stripping away the ego, and cards 15-21 (Line 3 - The Devil thru The World) are lessons around learning to both create with and surrender to what is bigger than us in the universe.

With Chariot being the last card or a sort of culmination point for Line 1, the imagery on the Chariot includes much of the imagery from all of the line 1 cards that came before it: The High Priestess’ moons are on charioteer’s shoulders. Instead of a whip or reins, the charioteer holds the Magician’s wand. There are two sphinxes depicted at the front of the chariot which very much mirrors the dual imagery of The Lovers Card - you get the idea.

The Chariot is a pivotal point in the majors where we have established who we think we are (our ego) - this is our crab shell (remember - The Chariot is ruled by Cancer the Crab), our chariot, and our vehicle to carry us forward into bigger life lessons in lines 2 and 3 of the major arcana. We’re ready to “leave the nest” so to speak and move forward into experiencing some new karmic lessons.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 7.46.38 AM.png

The Chariot Upright:

When we receive The Chariot upright in a reading it’s generally a good omen - it’s a green light - it’s a “yes” from the universe - it’s time to move forward into whatever we’re asking about. This will be a time of hard-work, forward momentum, determination, willpower, and being confident in our abilities. Receiving this card upright is the universe telling us that our crab shell/chariot/ego has what it takes to go the distance in terms of whatever we’re asking about. This definitely a movement and action card. When we pull The Chariot, it’s a time to “do.”

The Chariot Reversed:

Now, the reversal can go a few different ways. The reversal can be related to the pace with which you’re moving towards something. It can be an invitation to speed up or slow down.

Also, Chariot reversals can come with feelings of self-doubt around the querent’s ability to do what they’re setting out to do. In these instances - there’s typically some “work” that needs to be done on a personal level to understand and work on the fear or lack of confidence.

The last thing that Chariot reversals can bring to the forefront are issues with control. This is all ego-related…remember, at it’s core The Chariot is just the container of the ego that we built throughout the course of line 1. When we feel the need to control everything or we allow others to control us, we’re talking about ego here - either too much or too little of it. So, this reversal is really a time of assessment to determine which parts of your Chariot (ego) are meant to come with you into the future (lines 2 and 3), and which parts are better left in line 1.