IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Podcast on hold for the foreseeable future...

I hope you all had a lovely new moon! It was certainly a powerful one for me, and I have a big announcement to make…I’m going to be putting the podcast and blogs on hold for the foreseeable future. It was not an easy decision to make, but these were both projects that I started in the fall of 2017…back when I was working a different day job, before I owned a store, before I illustrated a deck, before I stayed fully book with client work, before Sam and I took on The Witches Ball…before…a lot of things, I guess.

 I’m going to be honest. I’m burning out, so some tasks had to be cut in favor of my health and overall wellness. I think it’s important to share honestly on this. Everyone wants their own business, but very few people (myself included) understand what opening a business takes out of you if you don’t plan for rest time. It’s too tempting to just white knuckle your way through everything, but that isn’t sustainable long term.

 I guess it all happens innocently enough…we start projects which open doors for new projects and opportunities, and we keep adding and adding and adding to our to-do lists, but before we know it we’ve booked every minute of our time, and we forget why we were starting those initial projects in the first place.

 I will be leaving the episodes recorded to date up on all platforms – there were so many fun conversations, and I hope people continue to find them and enjoy them, and one day, if I ever have more time, I may bring the podcast back. But, for today, what I really need is less on my to-do list.  Thanks for understanding!