Our people

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Sara is an astrologer, tarot reader, podcaster, blogger, deck illustrator, and owner of a progressive retail space in Southern New Jersey. She currently offers her products and services at The 8th House + Marble Moon Studio in Mount Holly, NJ.

Her vision in establishing The 8th House is to create a space where community, art, activism, and modern secular spirituality can all exist under one roof.



Sam West is the owner and designer behind Marble Moon Studio. She received her Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture & Design from Drexel University. She is a holistic interior designer, tarot reader, and artist.

She began Marble Moon Studio with a simple goal in mind: make holistic design accessible. She believes everyone should be in a space that is good for the mind, body and soul. She focuses on creating products and services that best cater to her community.

She currently offers her products and services at The 8th House + Marble Moon Studio in Mount Holly, NJ.



DaVonne Rochelle Rooney is an intuitive reiki healer taught in the style of Dr. Mikao Usui. She is certified as a master teacher, yet prefers the simple act of transferring healing energy through the laying of hands.

Valuing a holistic approach to healing, DaVonne applies several methods in addition to Reiki to her services - guided meditation, chakra diagnosis and alignment, tarot and oracle therapy, and discussion - all for an affordable price.  She is also a student of yoga philosophy.

DaVonne’s mission is to provide a non-evasive meditation based healing alternative that promotes holistic healing from the spirit to the skin.



Since 2014, Michelle has practiced Reiki in the Usui tradition as a form of self-care and complementary health support for others. Using her lifelong study of energy and experiences as a Yogi, Michelle offers herself as a channel for the transference of universal energy. Those who seek her support come for various concerns within their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

In a session with Michelle, she may ask if you would like to receive any information that may be revealed to her from your energies. Through her own self-knowing, Michelle endeavors to help all seekers find their self within themselves. With heavy influence from her yoga practice, Michelle will help you understand your energy bodies and the effects between their flow and your life.

Through helping you on your journey to understanding and peace with yourself, Michelle sees that we will all increase the love and light in the world.



Kurtis West is an artist and musician located in Mt Holly, NJ. His passion for horror and comics spawned into a love of art, where his influences can be clearly seen.

His artwork prints and originals can be found in the shared retail space for Marble Moon Studio + The 8th House in Mt Holly, NJ.

He is currently the artist for the Swamp Witch Tarot Deck, a project shared with Sara Calvarese + Sam West. You can track his progress and artwork on his instagram.