Astroblog 10 - April.15.2019 - The 3rd House

Hi! We’re going to continue in our series on the planets/signs through the houses - this month we’re covering the 3rd House.

Our 3rd House has a very “swords” vibe to it (if we’re thinking in terms of tarot). It’s all about our brain chemistry - specifically, how we communicate, how we learn, what we like to learn, and our thought-patterning. Sometimes siblings can show up in our 3rd House as well.

Mercury and Gemini are associated with the 3rd house on the birth chart. So, naturally, the 3rd house has a very Mercury/Gemini feel to it.

3rd House in Aries/Mars in 3rd House: These placements indicate someone who is likely determined/active/assertive (and possibly even competitive) in the ways of learning, communication, and thought patterns. These are people who are natural leaders and hate to be patiently on a “learning curve.” They want to know and communicate everything now, and can be a bit argumentative. The upside to these placements is that the persuasive and aggressive nature ensures that these people are good at getting their way. Also, these people are full of energy and ideas.

3rd House in Taurus: This placement represents our kinesthetic learners. (They learn by doing). Taurus needs to be able to take everything in with the five senses. A Taurus in the 3rd person typically has a learning, thinking, and communication style that is slow and steady. However, they have incredible retention for the things that they absorb.

3rd House in Gemini/Mercury in 3rd House: This Mercury/Gemini’s natural home on the chart. These are people with highly alert minds. They’re great at juggling many ideas/commitments/projects/people all at once. These people are sharp, quick, and witty. On the low vibe side of things, these people have a lot going on mentally and can be prone to worry and nervousness.

3rd House in Cancer/Moon in 3rd House: These are our emotional folks. They think/learn/communicate from an instinctual/emotional place. These people don’t do well in learning environments which require a lot of structure, as they have active imaginations and think heart first rather than head first. These people are definitely cut out for projects which afford them the opportunity to nurture others or work with the public. The downside to this placement is definitely the moody/unstable quality that comes with the moon - sometimes it can make their communication a bit on the unpredictable side.

3rd House in Leo/Sun in 3rd House: These are our natural teachers. These folks exude creativity, and feel a strong pull to share their ideas with others. So, they are a natural fit to be placed in teaching roles. These people are outgoing and inviting as learners and communicators. However, the downside to this placement is that they need to watch out that they aren’t being too arrogant.

3rd House in Virgo: These folks work/learn/communicate incredibly well in a structured environment. Virgo loves logic and order. So, these people are most effective with learning and communicating when they can be given the opportunity to work within a well-organized system or to create one. High vibe Virgo loves to be of service. So, any opportunity to help others in this way will be perfect for them. Like Gemini placements here (both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury), these people are very sharp mentally. However, Virgo needs to watch being too critical in their learning, communication, and overall thought process.

3rd House in Libra/Venus in 3rd House: These folks have a natural talent for learning and communicating on the creative in life - art, music, writing, etc, and they know how to get noticed for their artistic ideas. On the downside, these folks need to watch superficiality and tendencies towards laziness.

3rd House in Scorpio/Pluto in 3rd House: These are our intense learners, thinkers, and speakers. These people have an insatiable curiosity and obsessively study the topics that interest them. These people make incredible writers and speakers. However, they need to watch that they aren’t being manipulative, domineering, or self-sabotaging when they communicate with others.

3rd House in Sagittarius/Jupiter in 3rd House: These folks have a natural curiosity and an optimistic and expansive flavor to their learning and communication style. They learn, think, and communicate the most effectively when they are traveling and experiencing things firsthand. People with these placements do need to watch out for being too reckless and impractical in their pursuit of knowledge and in how they communicate.

3rd House in Capricorn/Saturn in 3rd House: These are our practical learners and communicators. While their language and learning may be no-frill, these folks are interested in learning and communicating useful information, and they deal in facts and reality, and they build solid/usable skillsets. However, these people need to watch being too rigid and pessimistic in their learning and communication style.

3rd House in Aquarius/Uranus in 3rd House: These people are our progressive innovators. They love to bend and break the traditional rules of communication and learning in an effort to further the collective. We need these people to push us forward. However, these folks need to watch creating friction with others as a result of their forward thinking. Sometimes we should be pushing and innovating, but sometimes traditional convention is something to be valued.

3rd House in Pisces/Neptune in 3rd House: These people have a dreamy and impressionable quality to their communication and learning style. They learn intuitively, and often enjoy learning and communicating on subject matter related to fantasy and/or the occult (there is an escapist quality to this placement). These folks can sometimes feel like emotions cloud their analytical abilities.

In the next blog, we’ll be working our way through the 4th house!