Astroblog 6 - August.21.2018 - Signs and Houses

Hello again out there! I know it's been a while since I've posted a blog, but I've got a number of exciting things in the works! So, I've been a busy lady! I'm not quite ready to publicly share on those projects yet, but when I'm ready - you all will be the first to know! 

So, last time we talked about what the planets represent in our charts as well as how to identify our chart ruler. Today, we're going to talk about what the signs and houses represent in our charts. Remember - if we talk about our chart like a movie or a stage play, the planets are the actors. They are the doers.

In keeping with that, the signs of the zodiac would be like the characters or roles that the actors play. The signs of the zodiac describe how or in what flavor the planets will behave. 

There is one additional thing to note before we dive straight into the sign descriptions. We haven't talked about quadruplicities yet. It's a big word, I know...but what we're talking about here is a classification or grouping system that couples with the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) to help describe each zodiac sign's unique flavor.

The quadruplicities repeat on a loop throughout the zodiac in the order "Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable" (just like the elements do). So, Aries would be Cardinal Fire, Taurus would be Fixed Earth, Gemini would be Mutable Air, Cancer would be Cardinal Water...see where we're going with this? But what do Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable mean? 

The root word for Cardinal is the Latin "cardo" which literally means hinge. The cardinal signs represent the changing seasons in our year. They are all about new beginnings and initiatory energy. Cardinal signs are the "starters" or the "active doers" in the zodiac.

When we talk about Fixed energy we're talking about being fastened in the thick of a given season. So this is an energy that is unchanging. The Fixed signs in the zodiac are dependable, stable, and consistent.

When we talk about Mutable energy, we're talking about the periods in a year where we're sort of between seasons or in the process of moving from one season to the next. As you might be able to guess, mutable signs are flexible and adaptable to change.

So, having said all of that, with 4 elements and 3 quadruplicities, (3x4=12, and there are 12 signs in the zodiac), that means that each sign of the zodiac will have a unique combination of the element and quadruplicty that describe it's energy. See below...

Aries – The Ram – Cardinal Fire – Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, honest, passionate, impatient, aggressive, impulsive, prefers anything over nothing and action over inaction

Taurus – The Bull – Fixed Earth – Reliable, patient, trustworthy, stable, sensual (it learns by physically experiencing something with its senses), enjoys material belongings and comfortable surroundings, stubborn, possessive

Gemini – The Twins – Mutable Air – Curious, adaptable, quick intellect, affectionate, nervous, inconsistent, indecisive - Gemini embodies duality and it’s like little nerve synapses, it loves to intake information, connect, and then disperse it

Cancer – The Crab – Cardinal Water – Imaginative, creative, emotional, persuasive, moody, pessimistic, insecure – Cancer is the nurturer and caregiver of the zodiac

Leo – The Lion – Fixed Fire – Creative, passionate, generous, gregarious, natural performer, arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy, and inflexible – Leo is all about “theater.” It is at its best when it is creating something to be enjoyed by an audience or the public - when this need for creation and sharing goes underfed, it has the tendency to create and live melodrama

Virgo – The Virgin/The Maiden – Mutable Earth – Highly analytical, hard-working, perfectionist, practical, can be overly-critical of others – Virgo is the quality control of the zodiac – it’s the great discriminator (it’s not an easy job, but someone’s gotta do it) 

Libra – The Scale – Cardinal Air – Cooperative, balanced, diplomatic, social, indecisive, avoids confrontation, carries grudges – Libra is all about balance – it can see both sides of any situation

Scorpio – The Scorpion/The Eagle/The Phoenix – Fixed Water – Resourceful, brave, passionate, survivor, paranoid, controlling, manipulative, secretive – Scorpio is the undercover agent for truth – this is a sign in the zodiac that wants to look under the surface at everything in its rawness

Sagittarius – The Archer – Mutable Fire – Expansive, generous, curious, storyteller, impatient, flakey, a little condescending at times – Sagittarius likes exploring new horizons and telling stories – it kind of likes to be the “smartest person in the room”

Capricorn – The Mountain Goat – Cardinal Earth – Responsible, sense of duty, disciplined, self-control, practical, unforgiving, pessimistic, know-it-all – Capricorn is all about diligence towards a worthy goal, when it sets its mind on what mountain it wants to climb, there is very little that will stop them, it may be slow and steady, but it will complete the job

Aquarius – Water-Bearer – Fixed Air – Progressive, original, independent, unique, community-focused, humanitarian, not big on emotional expression, aloof, temperamental, uncompromising – Aquarius is a sign that values doing things its own way as well as a sense of community

Pisces – The fish – Mutable Water – Compassionate, empathetic, intuitive, sensitive, receptive, strong desire to escape reality, dreamy, untidy, procrastinator, hero complex – Pisces is the natural empath of the zodiac, sometimes it has a hard time distinguishing its feelings from those of others

Now that we've covered the planets and signs of the zodiac, we should cover the houses. In one of our first blogs, we covered how the houses are like the little slices of pie that divide up our chart into 12 pieces. We always start at the horizon line (where our ascendant is) and work counterclockwise through the houses. 

In keeping with our movie/stage play comparison, the houses would be like the set that the movies or play take place in. Each house describes a different area of life where the sign/planet energy plays out. Certain houses like certain planets and signs more than others, but there are no bad placements in astrology - just challenging ones.

Note: When determining what sign a house is in, you must always look at the house cusp. For some people, the majority of a house may be in another sign, but what counts is what sign in on the cusp. Start at the horizon line and work counter-clockwise, the sign that sits on each line denoting a new house is the sign that “owns” that house in whatever chart you’re looking at. 

1st House – The self – appearance – core identity - our will - our ego – “the fuel we burn”

2nd House – What we value – this house represents our material wealth, but it can be non-material as well…things such as our natural talents or connections that we place value upon, etc.

3rd House – How we analyze, process, and communicate information. Our siblings can also show up in the third house on our chart.

4th House – Our roots and our home – this house is all about our family of origin and our upbringing. This house also says something about our physical homes that we live in. This house is associated with our matrilineage.

5th House – What we create for joy – this house is about what we do for fun, what we create in the world (it often speaks to art or children as creations and sources of joy), and our self-expression as a form of theater.

6th House – Our physical bodies, and daily work as a form of service (note: this is not our careers – that is 10th House territory – what we’re talking about here is the daily work that we do to be of service)

7th House – Deep one to one relationships – we see close business partnerships, intimate friendships, and serious romantic relationships (i.e., marriage) in this house

8th House – The invisible – the 8th and 12th houses are easily the most poorly understood because it’s often difficult for people to discern the organizing theme of subject matter covered in both houses – the 8th House covers the following: death, transformation, the taboo, mystery & the occult, other people’s money/taxes – the organizing theme here is “the invisible” or "control" – the 8th House really deals with the archetype of the underworld and the parts of life that are unseen or that society has cast out. Also - the 8th house says a lot about the emotional baggage we carry in this life. 

9th House – Travel – philosophy – high learning – wisdom – ethics – where/how we are “the storyteller” in life

10th House – Larger public persona – career – reputation – public image – This house is associated with out patrilineage.

11th House – Community – friends – social awareness – hopes and dreams for the future and the collective.

12th House – The house of the subconscious – like the 8th house, this house is generally not well understood. The 12th house deals with the collective unseen knowledge housed in us - our dreams, our intuition, psychic and receptive abilities, imagination, compassion, empathy, confusion, and illusion.

Now - in the last blog we talked about locating the planet that is our chart ruler. If you were able to do that, look at what house and sign that planet falls in on your chart - that house and sign will get a little extra oomph because your chart ruler is there.

Whew! We covered a lot! Let that all sink in! Next time we'll look at Aspects, and I'll share some charts that summarize everything we've looked at thus far with our charts so that you have them available for quick reference.