The 8th House Tarot

The 8th House Tarot is a premium foil-stock printed 78-card Astrologically-themed tarot deck in a matte, custom-printed premium box which includes a mini guidebook. Pre-order using the button below. The deck will deliver in August 2019.

Deck info

Standard Tarot Sized Cards - 2.75in x 4.75in

Card Stock and Print Style - Full color print on foil stock (each image is full color and holographic) - this deck DOES NOT have gilded or colored edges (this option can't be combined with the foil stock printing)

Box - 2 piece premium custom-printed matte box

Guidebook - mini guidebook (accordion style) which fits inside the box along with the deck.

holographic print

Deck Photos


Card backs (not holographic)


Box Artwork (matte box)


The Major Arcana Gallery (printed on holographic cardstock)

Court Card Gallery (printed on holographic cardstock)

water (cups) minors gallery (printed on holographic cardstock)

Earth (pentacles) minors gallery (printed on holographic cardstock)